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Why CHoose US?

Here at Shape Up Studios we take your fitness goals seriously and want to help you succeed. We are here to motivate you, make workouts enjoyable, and help you stay in track! We want you to reach your health and fitness goals therefore we will fit flexibly into your schedule. We do not have any memberships or contracts!

Your first appointment with us will be assessing your fitness abilities using Polar Body Age Testing so we can better analyze your customized fitness program. Polar Body Age Testing is a professional assessment that combines your fitness results (endurance, strength, flexibility, body fat) into a single score.† This score, your Body Age, represents your current physical capacity and can be compared to your chronological age. Shape Up Studio will utilize data from your Body Age to design your custom training program.


 We give you your current body age, body mass index, body fat, strength and flexibility ranking and VO2max as well as much more in the Polar Body Age Personal Profile.


Your personal trainer will use your Body Age Assessment as a baseline for developing your customized fitness program and monitoring your success.

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