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Additonal Training Services

One-On-One Training

Tired of over crowded gyms? Not sure what to do once you get there? Our one-on-one personal training program is just for you! Your personalized fitness program will be developed by a certified trainer who will push you to your maximum potential, and work with you to achieve lasting results! Call the studio to schedule your first 1-hour workout today! The first session includes goal setting, benchmarking your current fitness level, and a workout to experience our unique training style.

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Small Group Training

Do you want all the benefits of having a personal trainer without the cost of one-on-one training sessions? If so, a small group personal training program is just the solution you’ve been looking for. A team of personal trainers will work with you to ensure proper form and technique and help lead you to better results than you would experience on your own. The camaraderie and encouragement from a small group provides you with the support and structure necessary to stay consistent with your fitness program.


Corporate Wellness

Are you an employer looking to provide the benefit of health and fitness to your employees? We offer on-site fitness sessions with certified fitness instructors. With over 11 years experience and more than 70 corporate clients, Shape Up Studio will put together a program to meet your corporate needs.


A corporate wellness program will:


  • Improve employee job performance

  • Provide a culture for health at work

  • Lower absenteeism

  • Decrease worker compensation claims

  • Lower insurance costs


Shape Up Studio provides:


  • Varied fitness programs: mat Pilates, yoga, strength training, and conditioning

  • Flexible shifts (morning, afternoon or evening).

  • Individual or group sessions

  • Company subsidized or employee paid sessions (we do the billing!)

  • 2 FREE Demos!

  • Meal planning

  • No on-site fitness facility required! Call Shape Up Studio for more information.

Fitness Class
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